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Go-Kart Driver
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Are you ready for some adrenaline and fun?

GoKart daily trip

Meeting point: Office

The activities are varied and suitable for children and adults, amateurs and professionals.

Minimum 3-persons booking required for optimal experience.

What do GoKart daily tour offer:

 Not only is it the largest indoor track in Albania, but it's also the biggest in the entire Balkans! Spanning an impressive 4,500 square meters, this track is truly one of a kind.

Experience the rush of a real F1 pilot with our electric go-karts, complete with innovative technology that's sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Rest assured, our go-karts undergo regular safety checks to ensure that every ride is both thrilling and secure. With ergonomic design, eco-friendly features, and top-of-the-line equipment like F1 carbon steering wheels, quality pedals, removable seats, safety belts, and even a reverse option, our track is the perfect place to indulge your need for speed. At 700 meters in length and 5 meters in width, our modern track boasts two levels and is packed with exciting features like tunnels, turns, and bypass pockets. Best of all, our track is completely indoor, allowing you to race rain or shine without any interruptions from external elements. We take track safety incredibly seriously, which is why we have strict measures and rules in place for all participants. Come join us for the ride of a lifetime!


1. Transport from the office to the GoKart field - around 90 minutes drive from Vlorë.
2. Equipment from the GoKart company provider.

2. 3 minutes qualification and 12 laps with the GoKart.

3. Food and Beverage included.

4. Transport back to the office.

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